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Act One Summit

  • Wesleyan Celebration Centre 945 Saint George Boulevard Moncton, NB, E1E 2C9 Canada (map)

We are pleased to have Armour Transportation Systems as our Presenting Partner again this year.


Buildings, sidewalks and streets make up a city; people build a community. We can choose to pass each other by, without a second glance or we can choose to connect and look beneath the surface. Our purpose is to build real community beyond the bricks and mortar. We exist to inspire all our citizens from our youth, to our newcomers, to our life-long leaders to come together and rise to action without barriers or borders. Real connection, collaboration and progress can only be achieved when we are Advancing Community Together.


Acknowledging the current narrative of challenge and economic struggle in Atlantic Canada, ACT One was created to confront our challenges head-on and come together as a community to focus on solutions and progress.

Don Mills of Corporate Research & Associates advocates that in order to rise above the current climate, Atlantic Canadians must overcome the following key challenges:

  • Retain youth

  • Grow immigration

  • Build an entrepreneurial ecosystem

ACT One has been designed to spark possibility and build connection between the three groups mentioned above and the seasoned leaders within our community.

Our speakers will inspire community projects and innovation by clearly acknowledging the current situation and painting the picture of possibility – a Greater Moncton that retains our young people and newcomers because they are able to live, work and achieve their dreams here. 

Why Attend ACT One?

An investment in ACT One is an investment in the future of Greater Moncton and Atlantic Canada. Never before has an event gathered youth, newcomers and leadership in the aim of building affiliation and showing our talent what possibilities exist for them now and in the future, right here at home.

More specifically, by taking a step forward and retaining our youth and newcomers, we will begin to:

  • Eliminate the current shortage of skilled labour

  • Drive economic opportunity

  • Create more jobs

  • See births outpace deaths

  • Reduce health care costs/resident with younger avg. age

  • Increase tax base to support social programs

Join us and be part of the genius and transformation as it begins to happen!


Additional information

Doors open at 8:15AM for registration and networking.

For information on sponsorship packages and group ticket purchases, email or call at 506-378-2549.

ACT ONE has been organized in conjunction with the following business partners:

Changing Leaf Inc. (

Spark Leadership Inc. (

Triple L Training (

Natalie Davison - Marketing Consultant (