About C3

Connection, Collaboration & Community

C3 Leadership brings together people, business and change-makers to create better communities. We tap into the extraordinary talent in our communities and develop the resources to create long-lasting change!

Our philosophy – as a community we need to come together with open honest communication, connection and ideation for the greater good and growth of our community.


At the helm of C3 Leadership is CEO & Founder, Cindy Comeau.

As the ‘Chief Empowerment Officer’, Cindy knows that in communities and businesses today, real accomplishments are made by members who share a common vision and a real commitment to each other. Building a great community or team is a rare achievement, yet doesn’t need to be. In Cindy’s experience, each member needs to challenge their own personal limitations in the service to the overall vision.

Of course, great communities don’t occur naturally; they must be nurtured, guided and challenged every day. This is where Cindy and C3 Leadership can make a real difference. We help individuals FIND their personal ‘WHY’ and leverage that passion by providing platforms for community engagement.